Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, 07/13/10 Green Mountain

Up/down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman

I felt much more alert and motivated this morning than yesterday.  Headed to Boulder and got started at 5:30am up Amphitheater.  My pace seemed reasonable, but my time to the first junction was a bit slow and I was hoping I would eventually warm up (which seems to take 20+ minutes at 5:30am).  I pushed a little harder, hoping to "break through" and though I felt a touch better as the run went on, I still felt like I was struggling a bit too much for the not so fast pace I was keeping.  Made the summit in a disappointing 34:50.  2 months ago I was going ~2:10 faster at the same HR, but felt much easier, I feel like I am going backwards a bit.  Hopefully I snap out of it soon.

Up: 34:50 (168 HR/182 max)
Down: 24:53 (142 HR/161 max (even felt crappy on the down, as I had little if any "flow"))

Monday, 07/12/10 Green Mountain

Up/Down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman

After a terrible night of sleep, I reluctantly headed in to Boulder for a run up Green, as I knew it was going to be hot and I would not want to run after work.  I forced myself up the steep steps of the Amphitheater Trail which today seemed much like an obstacle, rather than the usual stairway to heaven.  The entire "run" was a struggle, just to go moderate pace and my HR is a misleading indicator of the effort given for a meager time.

36:46 up (avg HR 156/178 max)
26:38 down (avg HR 119, felt like I had 2 left feet with bricks attached)

Saturday, 07/10/10 Sourdough Trail

~4 miles/~1,000 vertical

Parked just prior to the Brainard gate and headed North on  the Sourdough Trail with Allison and Sierra.  Easy hike, down to the bridge, left at the junction, then about a mile up the trail.  Considered walking all the way to Brainard ~4 miles from the car, but figured it would be best not to with the threatening skies and Allison's pregnant state.