Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday, 11/26/10 Green Mountain

Inefficiency around the house meant that our ~3 hour window between baby feeds became less than two hours, as we did not want to leave Grandma to fend for herself.  Allison and I started from the Gregory TH, up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman a bit after noon.  Allison was feeling tired from yesterday, so she sent me on my way to the top and agreed to turn around wherever I met up with her on my descent.  In the interest of time, I cut up the NE Ridge route to shave a minute or two and made decent time, as that route was almost completely snow/ice free until the upper section of Greenman.  I never really pushed at all, just went moderate at best and was surprised to make the summit in 34:30.  This was especially surprising to me, as I was dressed heavily in winter mode (heavy shoes, jacket, pants etc....) and each night I get up to feed babies, I feel like I am crippled and hobble around the house, stumbling and dragging myself like a Sleestak.

I met up with Allison on the descent just above the high talus field below the NE jct. and we headed back down Greenman/Canter Cut/Gregory.

Thursday, 11/25/10 Green Mountain

Allison and I got out for a lap on Green while Grandma watched the girls.  Started at 10:50am up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman and soon bumped into Homie on his way down and stated that he would meet us on his second lap.  Allison was pushing a bit, trying to hold Homie off, but he caught us at the NE Ridge jct. near the top and hiked it in with us.  We did not linger on the summit, as temps were probably in the single digits or less with the windchill.  Of course Homie was wearing shorts, certainly way tougher than I am, as I was somewhat bundled and still cold.  Despite the cold, he was gracious enough to hike/jog down with us and it was great to have his company.  Allison took 8 minutes off her post pregnancy Green ascent PR, so she was happy with that, as it will not be long before she is back to her old self.


Up: 56
Down: ~38?