Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, 01/26/11 Tour de Longmont (again)

Ran Mondays loop again nearly step for step, though I was able to find a bit more grass and dirt this time. I pushed a little harder than I did on Monday since I was solo and not trying to chat and also needed to get back quickly. Chased a guy on a bike for several miles who dangled just out reach while simultaneously catching another runner. I passed the runner solidly and never looked back. Caught the guy on the bike by the fairgrounds just as he went right and I had to go left. I figured the dude had to be at least 70, but was surprised to learn that he was probably 10 years younger than me and was surprised to have caught him. I started the run off pretty strong, lagged a bit in the middle (until I caught sight of the biker and the other runner) and then finished very strong, feeling like I could have maintained the pace much further. Pacing I think is my biggest weakness when it comes to running these flat miles. Though not a mountain, it was a satisfying workout none the less.

Avg. HR 167
Max 191