Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 23-May 30 Wrap up and Bolder Boulder

Monday, 05/23/11 Off.  I forget why, probably had something to do with work, family etc...

Tuesday, 05/24/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4 miles/2,280 vert./1:03:25 (38:15 up) Garmin Data

Very casual run.  Was quite wet from having just rained and felt very invigorating.

Wednesday, 05/25/11 Off.  Had to go to the airport to pick up my mom who is visiting.

Thursday, 05/26/11 Green/Bear/SoBo/Green 12.41 miles/5,209 vert./2:42:02 Garmin Data

Met Brandon at Chautauqua a bit before 9am.  Headed up Gregory/Ranger at a casual/conversational pace with a brief pit stop at the ranger hut dumper.  With no results there, I was feeling a little bogged down, but I pressed on with a pocket full of TP just in case.  Spent a moment or two on Green, then headed down Green-Bear where we soon parted ways as Brandon continued down Bear Canyon and I headed up Bear W. Ridge.  I got into a bit of a groove and upped the pace a bit, feeling somewhat good and totally enjoying the quiet morning, having the trails and peaks all to myself.  Everything seemed to be firing well and my foot coordination was spot on going up and down, mental and physical energy were great, my achilles was good.  It was an awesome morning, cool and damp and climbing above the clouds at ~7,000 feet was quite the treat.  I backtracked over Green after tagging Bear/SoBo and then from the summit of Green I headed down the front instead of the back for a change in scenery.  It was one of those days where I felt like tacking on a few more summits and 2:42 of running seemed WAY too short.

Chautau to Greg lot: 5:39
Up Back to Green: 41:33
Green to Bear:  36:45 (went slow from Green to W. Ridge jct.)
Bear to SoBo: 10:30
SoBo to Bear: 8:35
Bear to Green:  33:11
Green to Greg lot down front: 21:52
Greg to Chautau: 3:53

Friday, 05/27/11 Green Mountain (up/down back) 5.18 miles/2,316 vert./1:16:04 (44:53 up) Garmin data

Sierra talking me into bringing her along, so this run was really slow.  Just as well, as I might have gone harder than I should have and it was great to have her along even though it involved a good bit of waiting.  Found a dollar bill on the way down, then not long after a 6 foot bull snake stretched across the trail.  I put Sierra on leash and then taunted it a bit with a long stick to be sure it was not a rattler.  We took a wide arc around it to be sure and then Sierra was tugging me like a sled dog down the trail (glad to know she is afraid).

Saturday, 05/28/11 Sanitas (up valley/East, down S. ridge) 3.5 miles (from 4th/Mapleton)/1,291 vert./~45 minutes Garmin data

Got bogged down with errands and BB/Creek Fest crowds and only had time for something short, so I headed to Sanitas.  What a zoo over there on the busiest weekend of the year in Boulder.  I was going slow and easy, but still was a little annoyed with so many people and dogs getting in the way.

Sunday, 05/29/11 Local Run 4 miles/184 vert./37:32/~9:23 pace

Allison and I ran from the house out to Harper Lake for a BB training/taper run (her only training for the week).  Super easy.

Monday, 05/30/11 Bolder Boulder x 2

Ran the Bolder Boulder in the AA wave.  I had mixed intentions going into the race, knowing that the odds were stacked against me with the iffy achilles, lack of specific training, lack of consistent training (mostly due to the achilles and having twins), change in course, etc.... 
Despite all of those seemingly minor details, I STILL, for some unknown reason, thought I could will myself to beat my 38:59 PR from last year.

I started off reasonably conservative, but my achilles was bugging me by the first turn and I just overall was not feeling it.  The effort seemed too high for my lagging pace and I became a bit discouraged.  I never gave up, but did not really dig either, just ran it in at what felt like a pretty sustainable pace and felt like I could have gone for a few hours at that pace.  Just had no real "speed".  I finished in a personal worst for the BB in 40:24, but I guess I should not be too surprised, nor am I too disappointed, as this was just a fun training thing.  Hopefully my fitness gels a bit by August.

I kept running past the finish, through the crowds, hopped the fence and doubled back to my car at the Timko lot at 33rd/Arapahoe (thanks Rob!).  My intent was to meet Allison who was to run the HE wave at 8:20, so I had enough time to change into my Hoka Bondi Bs, re-fuel a bit and then take off to pace her.

Lap 2

Allison signed up for her first BB/first race with a handful of work friends and ended up in the unqualified HE wave.  I planned to pace her and lead her through the crowds and show her the most efficent lines through the turns.  This second lap was WAY more enjoyable than the first lap, as I was able to take in all the sights and sounds and appreciate the festive atmosphere much more at the easy pace.  She ended up finishing in 54:50 which she was happy with considering her lack of training (only a handful of well spaced runs, weekly  hikes up Green and pushing a baby jogger around).  Next year she will run the E wave and I think will do a bit better without all the people dodging.

In all I had 17 miles on the day, with the two 10k's and the trips to the car/warmup etc....

Lap 1 AA wave Garmin data

Lap 2 HE wave Garmin data

Sunday, May 22, 2011

05/22/11 Weekly Wrap Up

Monday, 05/16/11 S. Boulder Creek/Bobolink 6.2 miles/128 vert./55:29 Garmin data

Easy post work run with Allison and the babies in the Chariot. I pressed encouraged her a bit to set a baseline for the upcoming Bolder Boulder and she did pretty well I thought considering her lack of training, all of the cattle gates where she stopped to let me and the double jogger through, a few 180 degree turns, etc….. I think with just a little training, a more straight forward route without interruptions and some competition, she can chop a good bit of time off of this. Unfortunately, she is running in an unqualified wave and will have a lot of human obstacles to navigate around instead of running in a more appropriate wave (though I am trying to talk her into running the 2 mile treadmill qualifier at the BB store and upgrading waves, if that is still an option).

Tuesday, 05/17/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4 miles/2284 vert./56:18 (34:52 up/21:26 dn) Garmin data

It was raining heavily as I left work and I contemplated bailing on my run, but I had trouble passing up a guilt free hour of post work running, so I headed to Boulder anyways. As I got into town, the sun came out and the rain stopped, perfect! The peaks were still shrouded in clouds, but it was a fine afternoon to be outside, as the trails were wet, but the temperature was cool and pleasant. I pushed a little harder than normal on this run, but still not really a full on effort. It was awesome to feel good and feel as though I have rounded the corner where I am now only limited by my fitness/lack of training, I was in perfect sync mentally/physically and not fighting gravity or my Achilles. Was pleased to top out in under 35 minutes (just barely) and I feel like I am making progress, albeit slowly. I went a cautiously quick pace on the down, not taking any chances in with the wet trail conditions.

Wednesday, 05/18/11  Off because of dinner guests and rain.

Thursday, 05/19/11 Green Mountain (up/down back) 5.28 miles/2,355vert./1:37:55 Garmin data

Easy hike/jog with Allison and Sierra.  Raining with snow above ~7,000 feet.  55 up/42 down.

Friday, 05/20/11 Meadowlark/SingleHoffer/W. Coal Creek Dr.  10.05 miles/556 vert./1:22 Garmin data

Drove over to the TH for the Meadowlark/Mayhoffery Trails in Superior.  Pushing the Chariot with Amelie and Isabelle, went South to the Coalton Trail, backtracked and then decided that was too short and headed out the Singlehoff trail to W. Coal Creek Dr., then out to 66th street and the base of the Koppenburg climb.  I debated trying to get up it, but the road was a mess and did not seem at all reasonable, not to mention, the sky was getting dark to the West, so to play it safe I turned around.  Minutes after getting the babies and Chariot in the van, a big storm hit.  Great timing (some skill at reading the sky, but mostly luck).

Saturday, 05/21/11 Louisville Run  4 miles/146 vert.

Baby jogger run into Louisville to watch some bike racing.  Planned on doing more, but I was a bit discouraged with the wind, but mostly discouraged by consecutive day 3 of my achilles hurting, so I bagged it and ended up getting stuff done around the house while juggling babies (still a workout).

Sunday, 05/22/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4.07 miles/2278 vert./54:40 (33:51up) Garmin data

Solid run up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman, pushed pretty hard for most of the way, up and down.  Was only ~30 seconds off PR at the Saddle/Greenman jct., but somehow I lost an additional minute over the upper half (not too surprised really even though it felt like I was moving fast).  I guess I have forgotten what "fast" (for me) feels like.  Solid run back down, felt coordinated and pushed a little, but did not take any chances either, just cruising smooth.  I was pleased to see a 1 minute improvment on the ascent and a 1:38 improvement for the RT over my run here last Tuesday.  Progress is slow but steady.

Bumped into Homie as I was finishing and chatted with him for a bit.  Great to see him as always.

Video of the week:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

05/15/11 Weekly Wrap Up

All in all a good week as far as fun goes.  The achilles is still up and down (more down than up), but my most recent 2 runs were very encouraging (though I know to not get too excited about it yet).

Monday, 05/09/11 Green Mountain Up/down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman, 4 miles/2282 vert./58:47 (36:32up) Garmin data

Was slow to warm up, but after the Saddle Rock/Greenman jct., I was starting to feel almost good (probably because it is flat for a bit). The upper section of Greenman felt really easy and although I was not pushing, I felt as though I was moving reasonably efficient and was positive that I was going quicker than my 35:19 ascent last Wednesday (though I never looked at the watch after noticing an equal 20:50 split at the SR/Greenman jct.). I was expecting to see at least low 35 on my watch, maybe even upper 34, but was shocked to see 36:32. Oh well, no wonder it felt easy, because I was actually going easy.

I wore my Hoka Mafates and it was my intent to make up some time on the descent. I moved pretty well on the upper 2/3, but on the lower section my achilles was feeling gimpy, probably from stepping down the larger steps and my pace slowed significantly. Though I was slower on the up than last Weds., I took a minute off the RT which was a bit of consolation.

I have to say the Mafates felt better today than I remember and did not feel bulky at all on the up. They are so cush and stable on the down, I love how they just absorb the impact and leave my feet and joints feeling relatively unaffected afterwards. I am starting to think this shoe is a front runner pick for the PPM, with the Bondi B in close second. I keep thinking a lighter, faster feeling shoe will be better, maybe for the up, but I don't really go that fast on the up anyways and I theorize that the well padded shoe will pay off on that 13 mile descent.

Tuesday, 05/10/11 Off, work, family obligations etc...

Wednesday, 05/11/11 See Tuesday, but add in bad weather (I wanted to go, but it was 8pm before I could and it was Boulder or watching TV, so I went with watching TV instead).

Thursday, 05/12/11 Bear/SoBo 7.44 miles/3,221 vert./3:24 Garmin Data

Blog entry

Friday, 05/13/11 S. Mesa/Shadow Canyon baby jogger run.  5.35 miles/1,085 vert./57:27 Garmin data

Blog entry

Saturday, 05/14/11 Green/Bear/SoBo  10.67 miles/4,486 vert./2:22:05 Garmin data

The weather was rainy and wet, in the mid 40's down low and probably in the mid to upper 30's up high, but this was probably the best run I have had in longer than I can remember.  Though my achilles was a touch stiff and I was just slightly aware, it did not bug me once ascending or descending which was very encouraging.
Started a bit before 11am from Cragmoor, headed up Shanahan to Mesa and hung a right, intending to get in Green Mountain first as it would be more runnable and less steep.  Got to the Bear Canyon junction in 15:5? and then got into a good groove, moving well, but pacing myself for the multiple peaks to come.  Passed the Bear W. Ridge jct. in 37:4?, 4 way in 50:13 and the summit of Green in 54:05. 

The trip over to Bear went smooth and felt like a nice cruise for the most part and I made the summit in a decent 37:18 all things considered.  There were some lingering patches of snow on the upper sections of trail on Bear and S. Boulder which slowed things down some, along with the wet rocks and constantly dirty soles.  11:27 to SoBo, 11:13 back to Bear, then a cautious 28 minutes even back to the Cragmoor TH (from the true summit).

I wore shorts, a few layers up top (with a hood), gloves and my New Balance 915s and was dressed just right for the pace I was going.  Any slower though and I would have froze as I was soaked to the bone.  The 915s performed great, excellent comfort, stability, protection and traction in the various conditions I encountered.

Sunday, 05/15/11 S. Boulder Creek/Bobolink Trail  5.01 miles/85 vertical/50:34 Garmin Data

After work run with Allison, Sierra and the girls.  Not a very streamlined run, as we learned that dogs are not allowed on the S. Boulder Creek Trail South of South Boulder road which was kind of a bummer.  Easy run, lots of pauses because of the dog, babies and not really being committed to a route.

Friday, 05/13/11 S. Mesa TH to Shadow Canyon

5.35 miles/1,085 vert./57:27  Garmin data

Had a great baby jogger run with Amelie and Isabelle up the Mesa Trail/Shadow Canyon trail to the mouth of Shadow.  It was a perfect day, warm but not too warm, clear, no wind and fresh from the previous rain/snow.  They truly seemed to enjoy it, as they were awake the whole time babbling, laughing and taking in the new surroundings.  We spent a good 15 minutes or so at the creek crossing at the mouth of Shadow just hanging out and laughing, they were being really cute. 

Getting the jogger up the well graded but sometimes steep trail turned out to be easier than I thought (though I was going pretty easy), but will certainly be a killer workout if I put a bit more into it.  It is 2.4 miles each way and it took 32 to go up and 17 to get back (not including a side diversion on the Mesa Trail at the Mesa/Shadow jct.). 

I plan to start doing this route with them more often and hopefully a bit quicker, perhaps doing 2-3 laps to get in some vertical.  It is also (as Lucho has stated) a great core and power workout pushing that extra 65 lbs (and growing) up the hill and is also a good speed workout keeping up with it on the way back down (averaged sub 7 pace on the lower section without trying and being on the brake a good bit).  I just need to get a good piece of webbing to wrap around my waist, as I don't entirely trust the wrist leash for this sort of thing (although I double loop it around my wrist for good measure).

Bear and SoBo from low on the Mesa Trail

Isabelle (l), Amelie (r)

Testing a pair of Brooks Ghost 4 GTX (Gore Tex) shoes

Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny SNL Videos

This is just too awesome:

This one is pretty good too:

Thursday, 05/12/11 Bear/S. Boulder Peak

(Edit:  I wanted to post this yesterday before dinner, but Blogger has been crapped out until just now)

Allison's mom and dad offered to come watch the twins so we could get out for most of the day on our own, so we jumped at the opportunity.  Headed up Bear and S. Boulder via the Homestead Trail since we had Sierra and took it super easy.  It was raining, but we were excited to get up higher and see the fresh snow that had been falling on the peaks and it was a great day for picture taking.  As soon as we started to see snow at around 6,500 feet, Sierra became a puppy again and went absolutely nuts once we got into the deeper stuff.  I am guessing there was 8-10 inches of very wet and slushy snow (if it had been cold fluffy snow there probably would have been around 2 feet).  I was quite pleased to have made first tracks on both peaks, even at the late hour of ~3pm. 

Tested a new pair of (not yet available) Saucony Progrid Razor 2 shoes that I picked up the previous day (perfect timing).  Hands down the best shoes I have ever used for these conditions, amazing traction, comfortable, nimble, stable, great rock protection and the E-vent outer layer/gaiter kept my feet perfectly dry after submerging them is slush and creeks all day.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story....

I love this stuff...

Never has a dog been happier

These shoes rock

Plenty of trailbreaking to be had, my favorite




Bear Peak

Sierra taking in the views on Bear

Shortcut on the West side of Bear

Looking toward start of Bear W. Ridge


If anyone at Saucony wants some great promo shots, I have a few

Allison taking care to not break a shin

We were very lucky to get a few minutes of cloud parting.  Simply epic.

Starr Peak and Lucho's house

Bear Peak making a brief appearance.