Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, 07/20/10 Green Mountain

Up Gregory/Ranger: 37:39 ahr 166/mhr 179
Down Front:  22:28 ahr 144/mhr 160

Felt better this morning (5:45am start), pushed the intensity up a bit, felt like the high side of moderate/low side of hard, but a bit labored for the meager time.

The down was a snap, my feet felt accurate and spot on, a stark contrast to yesterday where I felt stumbly and like I may as well just hike down.

Monday, 07/19/10 Green Mountain

Up Gregory/Ranger:  40:50 AHR 147/MHR 166
Down Front: 26:33 AHR 118

Tired and not too into it at 5:30am.  Easy effort.