Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, 03/03/10 Green Mountain

Met up with Tony this afternoon for a lap on Green. We started off chatting, but not long up Amphitheater, I was sucking wind, knowing that my fitness is not near where I want it to be, but as I tell George all the time, "It is only [insert month]".

Even though it was Tony's second lap for the day, I knew I was holding him up and after 6:45 at the first junction, he took me up on my earlier offer to go his own pace. He cruised on ahead and I kept him occasionally in sight on some of the more open areas, last seeing him just after I crossed the spring below the big, talus switchback ~10 minutes from the top.

I continued to fade and made the top in a somewhat disappointing 36:47. I was hoping to be in the 35 minute range, but I see after today that is a bit much for me to expect with the type of inconsistent training I have done over the last many months. No worries though, it is only March.

Tony was nice enough to wait ~4 minutes for me on the summit, then a few extra while I enjoyed some time on the summit. We took the descent at a casually quick conversational pace, getting back down in 22ish.

Spring was once again in the air today, it has me so mentally rejuvenated. It was also great to get my butt kicked and have a bit of a push up the hill, it will only make me better in the long run. My records indicate that I am on par or maybe even a little ahead of previous years with more consistent training, so I know the fitness will come.

Thanks for a great run and conversation Tony. I look forward to doing it again soon.