Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12/08 Sanitas

3 miles/1,300 vertical

Sierra and I got out for a lap on Sanitas. I was hoping to do 2 laps, but she was really "dogging it" today for some reason. Made it up in 23:44 at 144bpm going pretty easy. It was just a good day to be out enjoying the sunshine.

3/11/08 2 Laps on Sanitas

8 miles/3,100 vertical

It was nearly 70 degrees today, which was really adding to the serious spring fever I have been having as of late. It was my first day of the year in shorts and I was feeling a bit pasty, but the warm sun felt so nice physically and mentally. I took a 15 minute warm-up over Red Rocks to Settlers Park at 144bpm average.

Started up Sanitas at a quick pace, but somewhat conservative as to not blow myself up on the first steep section. Was not sure how it was going to go, as I felt good, but not great. My effort was high, but not really a full on effort. I was moving smoothly and my HR was not too high. I checked my watch at the puddle and I was at 14:08 which put me a good bit ahead of last week.

I arrived on top at 17:42 and my HR was 174. I was stoked to be 28 seconds faster than the previous week at one less bpm which is a step in the right direction. Ran back down in 13, including a few minutes to talk to my friend Rex. Did a U-turn and headed back up at a good pace. I did not go too hard, but was surprised at how fresh my legs felt and went up in 19:25.

Rex was waiting at the top and we jogged down together. Today was the first day in a long while that I felt absolutely great in every way and am really looking forward to more of these Spring days.

3/10/08 Eldo Run

~5.4 miles/~1,800ft

Took some of the back trails into Eldo, ran up Eldorado trail to the Rincon Wall climbing access, went East of the wall to a steep S. facing gulley, then went left up an East facing gulley to the top of the wall. Was surprised to see two climbers high on the wall. The gulleys were quite steep and the footing was terrible, lots of loose rock and a few class 3+ climbing moves. Was being careful to not mess myself up, as nobody knew where I was.

Would like to go back soon and explore some more.