2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, 08/28/11 Green Mountain

5 miles/2,500 vert.

Happened to pull up behind Homie at Baseline/Broadway, so I followed him into the Chautauqua lot.  We had talked earlier but could not totally agree on a plan, so we left it as "maybe I'll see you out there", so the timing was good.  It was his intent to free solo the 3rd, so we jogged the approach together, where he then changed into his climbing shoes for the class 5 climb and I hiked around up to the back of  the 3rd and hung out for 20 minutes or so.  From there, we bushwhacked up the hillside to the NE ridge, then on to the summit.  There were a few flashes of lightning, but nothing too close and it fortunately subsided enough for us to tag the summit (though a bit hurried).  As always, it was great getting out with Homie and if we had turned around at the 3rd Flatiron, it would have been a great day.

We descended via the NE ridge/1st/2nd Flatiron access and I took it pretty casual, as my right big toe was aching.  It all started when I ran Mt. Princeton back in early July, when an untested pair of shoes aggravated my big toe nails really bad on the descent.  They were a moderate distraction for over a month and were nearly healed up before Pikes Peak, but I think the 13 miles of downhill did them in.  Before this hike/run with Homie, the big toe nail on my right foot looked normal, but was just a little tender, though afterwards, it is completely purple and is very painful.  This might force a little time off, at least from running anything steep.

Ordered a new Garmin 305 today to replace my broken one.  Can hardly live without it (OK, I get by just fine, but it really adds enjoyment to my flatter baby jogger running and eases my record keeping).