Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday, 08/19/10 Green Mountain

Same format as yesterday, except I opted for the Ranger Trail, as I had Sierra with me.  This outing was more for Sierra than for me, as she has not been out for a few days.  Started at 8:23am under cloudy skys that soon turned to intermittent soft fainfall.  I went easier than yesterday, topping out in 30 minutes on a shorter route (I probably hiked 40-50% of the up and the rest was the lightest jog I could muster).  Very easy on the down too, jogged and walked mostly.

30 up
?? down (forgot to look at the watch and stopped for a while to pick red raspberries).

Wednesday, 08/18/10 Green Mountain

I wanted to keep my run shorter today to conform with my very loose and unscientific taper plan.  I debated between Sanitas and my old taper standby, Flagstaff.  Sanitas is too hot and a bit steeper than I prefer for tapering and Flagstaff is not my favorite, as it crosses the road many times and is not particularly exciting and lacks a distinct summit.

It took me years to figure this out, but I came up with the last minute idea to drive up Flag to the turnoff and run Green from the halfway point to keep things mellow.

I ran down to the Ranger Cabin, then took Greenman all the way to the summit.  It was relatively cool and my legs, mind and body were feeling top notch.  Though I was raring to go, I went SUPER easy, just lightly jogging the gentle grade to the summit and took it really easy on the down.

29:50 up
23 down