Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, 11/13/11 2 Laps on Sanitas and Red Rocks

Sanitas x 2/Red Rocks
6.74 miles/3,001 vert./1:21:27/159 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was planning the usual lap on Green, but I was eager to test the NB MT110 and I realized that my medium size (stretched out) Microspikes were a bit floppy on the very slim and streamlined 110. I debated trying it anyways, or just going without traction, then decided that running dry trails and perhaps getting a few minutes of late afternoon sun on Sanitas might be good for the soul.

By the time I started my run, a thin layer of clouds were blocking out the sun and the wind was pretty pesky, making it feel much cooler than the ~51 degree temp reading in my car. Despite this though, I was eager to run, as I have only hiked Sanitas a handful of times with the babies this year and I can’t even remember the last time I actually ran it.

I pushed a bit on the first lap, feeling a bit bogged down by the forceful wind and also worked my way around many more dogs and people than I expected. The second lap, I felt like I took it easier (which seems true because I was 1 minute slower), but my HR was actually 2 bpm higher for the second ascent. To change it up a bit, I descended the East Ridge/Dakota Ridge and really enjoyed cruising along the dry trails. I seriously contemplated a 3rd lap, but knew I would run out of daylight and did not feel like wasting the time running back to the car at 4th/Mapleton to get my light, so I ran over to Canyon via Red Rocks and back (where it got pretty dark on me by the end).

The MT110 is indeed an amazing shoe. I was impressed with how light and responsive it felt, yet has enough protection to protect your feet well on something as rocky and technical as Sanitas. It is a very free/neutral feeling shoe, but stability was excellent, as it rides so close to the groung.  Traction was very good as well, as I was doing some deliberate high speed rock smearing on the descents and it pretty much stuck whenever I needed it too. This shoe will be a must have for those looking for a fast and light race shoe (they will be available in Feb. 2012 I think?).

Lap 1, Up/Down S. Ridge:

18:27 up avg HR 167
11:43 down avg HR 150

Lap 2, Up S. Ridge/Down East Ridge/Dakota Ridge

19:30 up avg HR 169
16:54 down avg HR 151

Red Rocks: 14:50 out/back