Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday, 12/03/11

More snow last night and this morning, definitely more than predicted, perhaps ~8 inches on top of the very recent 7-8" storm on Thursday.  My only exercise today was shoveling, then plowing the jogger through snow at the cyclocross race held at the Louisville Rec. Center.  It was actually quite nice once the sun came out around noon, but it looked like pretty miserable conditions to be racing in with the relentless mud and slush issues for the racers.

Danny Summerhill in the lead, lap 2 or 3 I think.

Festive stockings

Scklopy conditions

"Wow dad, this cyclocross stuff is really exciting!"

I got a kick out of the snowplow missing an entire switchback on our local Alpe d Huez bike path behind the house (pics from yesterday before the second snow storm).  They did not even go back to fix the error, thus leaving me with the options of turning around, heaving the jogger up/down the steep and unintended path, or struggling through the snow on the path.

Picture of said switchback from above with evidence of my choice of route.

Homie and family at the Louisville parade last night

Amelie and Allison