Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green Mountain

6.5 miles
2,400 vertical
45up (Gregory/Ranger/Greenman)
25down (Ranger/Gregory)

Run two for the day. Felt much better than on my morning run up Sanitas, but still went fairly conservative. On the way down I went real fast when the trail was smooth/wide open, fairly slow when rocky/technical. Was hoping to run into George, but we never crossed paths. I really like the two runs in a day, but not sure how I can fit it into my schedule on a regular basis. Maybe a hill run in the morning and a few laps on the track when I get home??? Not likely, but it sounds like a good idea. My calves are a bit tight this evening, even though they felt OK when running. Seems like there is some sort of "Mad Calve" disease going around, several of my friends and myself seem to be afflicted with it right now.


3 miles
1,300 vertical

Was tossing and turning this morning, so I went out for an easy run up Sanitas and still made it into work for 7:45am. My legs are still kind of tight, so I went super easy. Hoping to get up Green after work, easy again just to get in some distance. Would like to start doubling my workouts on certain days if I feel it is effective.

4/28/08 Biked Linden

Don't know how long, how far or how high, does not really matter.

Legs were feeling a touch tight from the weekend, so I figured I would get out on the bike. Was planning on Flagstaff, but knew that would mean competing, so I opted for the more low key Linden and went really easy. It was good to get out on the bike, but was not entirely into it for some reason. Oh well, beats a day doing nothing.