Monday, April 14, 2008

SuperFlag (Bike)

16.8 miles
2,500 vertical
158 bpm ave (ascent)

First ride of the year, dove into the deep end with a trip up SuperFlag. Went somewhat "easy" most of the way. Kicked up a notch in a few spots with sporadic bursts in the big ring. Toward the top I saw a racer dude up ahead all decked out, power meter and all, so I dug a bit for a convicing (but friendly) pass. Was a bit surprised to go 34 seconds faster than my first trip up last year at 16 bpm less (and I had been riding for two weeks last year prior to my first SuperFlag pilgrimage). I guess my fitness is coming along a good bit better than last year at this time, so I am quite encouraged by that.

4/13/08 Walker Lollipop

~14.5 miles
~4,100 vertical
3hrs 12 minutes
Ave. HR 133 bpm

Wanting to get out for a few hours on dry trails, I coerced Homie into joining me for a run. We decided that the Walker Loop from Eldo would fit the bill perfectly for such a fine day. We made it to the Walker Loop in 42 minutes and went right opting to go counter clockwise. Upon Homie's encouragment, I picked up the pace up the Columbine Gulch trail, then doubled back to meet him. We alternated power hiking and jogging for the remainder of the loop. Pretty easy day, but I am itching to go back and blast this route.