Thursday, June 12, 2008


3.75 miles
1,300 vertical

Got a last minute invite from Allison to go up Sanitas after work. Since I would only be going home to an empty house, how could I refuse? Went up the valley, then I showed her the "new" route up to the quarry , then up to the ridge. Once on the main trail, Allison put the hammer down and dropped me and got to the summit about 30 seconds ahead of Sierra and I. The "new" route is a better route in the winter as it is somewhat overgrown this time of year. Came down the East side. Not sure how long it took to go up or down, never once looked at the watch. Went pretty easy in general. Topped off the day with fish tacos at Wahoos.

Green Mountain

2,400 vert
5 miles
41:56up/1:12 RT

Got in a solid 8 hours of sleep last night and felt refreshed and well rested this morning. Went up Green the "standard" route, Amphi,/Saddle/Greenman enjoying a stockpile of enduranceplanet podcasts I recently downloaded to my new teeny tiny 4GB Sansa Clip. I committed myself to walking the entire ascent which I knew would be a challenge, especially on the flats and downhills, but I swore I would go easy. I kept a steady pace, fast for a walk, but slow by running standards. It is interesting how easy the line between hiking transitioning into running blurs going uphill and it was an interesting exercise in patience. It also can blur for me the otherway around, but that is usually an exercise of pain tolerance coupled with efficiency. Made it to the top in 41:56, then turned around to walk the descent. My patience with that wore off by the first turn and ended up trotting very mellow the entire trip back. Overall an awesome and refreshing morning and I would have to admit the podcasts helped a bit....