Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Mountain

7 miles
2,500 vertical (2,800 for the day)
42:10 up from Gregory TH
164bpm average

Great day out, spring is in the air. Started off thinking I was going to go fast, but quickly realized that I was not really able to get my HR up and my legs felt a little tired. I just plugged along at a hardish medium effort, getting in a good workout, but listening to my body and not trying to over extend myself. No sense in making things worse.

There was also quite a bit of snow, ice, slush today even though it was over 60 degrees (it is going to take a while for this to melt out, even if it did not snow again anytime soon). Even though I wasn't feeling great today, I was somewhat pleased with my time, as I was 5:40 faster than last time I ran this route on Feb 2nd where I thought I was giving it a good effort. My splits were 17:45 at the ranger hut and 38:?? at the 4 way jct before the summit.

Once at the summit, I did a immidiate u-turn to go meet Allison and Sierra who were not far back. Allison made it up in 54 minutes which was quite good I thought, as she was managing the dog.