Thursday, March 6, 2008


5 miles
1,800 vertical

Had a great little warm up from the hospital, over red rocks to the bike path and back. 19 minutes at 129bpm ave. Got to Sanitas and intended to go moderate and stuck to my plan. Went somewhat easy on the steeper sections and aimed for a bit of speed and turnover on the flatter sections. I was able to keep my HR at a very consistent rate and the effort seemed easy, fluid and well regulated. I felt as though I could have held a conversation most of the way. Funny how I went 38 seconds faster at 2 more bpm on Tuesday, but felt as though I was giving it just about my all, but today I felt like I was hardly giving it anything.

On the summit, I was pleasantly surprised to bump into my good friends Steve Hoffmeyer, Gerry Roach and Jennifer Roach. We had a bit of a chat and started down. Soon Gerry and I got a bit ahead of Steve and Jennifer and conversation with Gerry as always made the time go fast. I wanted to wait for Steve and Jennifer, but poor Sierra had been enduring many long hours of boredom, so I felt the need to get home quick.

I am so stoked on the progress my knee has made. I am still aware of it, but only SLIGHTLY, it may just be a touch of paranoia, but it has caused me no pain, discomfort or weakness in nearly a month and I have gone hard uphill and down several times without a hitch. I am really getting sick of the snow and cold and long for warm sunshine and shorts.