Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, 08/04/11 Boulder Creek Path

10.4 miles/192 vert./1:29:32/8:36 pace/avg. HR 131 Garmin Data

Had to drop off the van at Fisher Honda for a little bit of follow up work, so I just decided to start from there and head West, along Arapahoe to Foothills Parkway, then up the bike path to just past Eben G. Fine park.  Had the girls with me today in the Chariot and just went super casual.  Amelie and Isabelle were great today (as usual) and did not make a peep.

Wednesday, 08/03/11 Green Mountain

Up Back/Down Front 4.75/2,285 vert./1:02:12 (39:22 up)/avg. HR 154 Garmin Data

Was not planning to get out today, but got the opportunity at the last moment.  My legs felt really springy on the stairs at work, but were not as peppy as I had hoped/expected on the trail.  Much of it was that it was significantly warmer than the previous day and majorly humid, as I was managing sweat flow the entire time.  The effort was moderate on the up and down.