Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, 02/14/11 Longmont Run

Got out on my lunch break for a super easy run around Longmont, but chose a new route this time.  N. on S. Fordham, zig zagged through parks and neighborhoods to Nelson, then W. to Airport Rd., past Amgen (thought about stopping in for a boost of sorts), hit up some new path that wound it's way NE to Golden Ponds Park, E. along the St. Vrain path, through a ton of mud along the creek and across the muddy fairgrounds. crossed Hover, past Home Depot and back on Dry Creek Dr..  It took me several miles to get into this run, but it was so nice out, I was just enjoying the sunshine on my face so much, it did not matter that I was running on flat cement and mud (OK, it matters, but I am slowly learning to accept that something is better than nothing).

6.5 miles
137 avg. HR
108 vertical

Weekly Wrap Up 02/07/11 - 02/13/11

I'm still taking it easy on my achilles by taking time off and spending a lot of time over here getting in some great baby jogger walks and thoroughly enjoying it.

Thursday, 02/10/11:  2.5 miles pushing the baby jogger through un-shoveled sidewalks, snowbanks and slush.

Friday, 02/11/11:  3 miles with the jogger on dryer, but still often times snow covered paths.

Saturday, 02/12/11:  Green Mountain from Chautauqua with Brandon, up back, down front.  Casual pace, just catching up really and not pushing the achilles (51 up).

Sunday, 02/13/11:  Green Mountain with Allison and Sierra (up/down back).  Started late morning and the temp was warm, but the wind was cranking pretty good.  At the last minute, I grabbed a few extra articles of warm clothing and sure was glad that I did, as the easy pace, combined with the howling wind made me really cold.  Might have passed by Shad in Gregory Canyon, but realized it after the fact.  The creaky trees were a bit un-nerving at times and I was nearly lifted off the ground on several occasions.  Our summit stay was brief.  (up in 1:07, down in 40).  Sierra seems to be getting back to her old self, not sure what her problem was in the fall, but she is a stout mountain dog again and seems to recover well afterwards.