Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 Green Mountain

What a crazy birthday (well not that crazy), but certainly memorable. I got an invite from Brandon to go out to lunch, so we met at Wahoos close to work (thanks again Brandon) and at the last minute I invited Tim, as I learned that morning that Tim was moving to California and had Dave's car packed, which was surprising news to say the least. I am happy for Tim that he found a job and is moving to a place he is excited about, but will certainly miss him as a running partner. I have only known Tim since January, but we hit it off immidiately and shared many good runs and an epic winter climb of Longs Peak. Keep in touch Tim!

I was not planning on getting out, but at the last minute I decided to run up Green. My legs felt good at work and in the car, but as soon as I hit the trail, they were like lead and I almost turned around, but kept going since I spent 30 minutes getting to the TH from Longmont. To add to it, it was probably the hottest day of the year thus far (at least the hottest temps I have run in) and my foot is still bugging me despite an easy week.

I just plugged along and although I never felt very good, I enjoyed my time on the trail regardless. I think I was also feeling the bike ride the previous day, noting that my quads were a touch tired.

Made the summit in 36:44, turned tail and headed back down the short way, getting back to the TH in 58:58.

Once in the car, I heard the news of Michael Jackson. As a kid, I was a huge fan, but grew out of it in high school for the most part, yet all the while appreciating his work and talent. He ultimately became one of the biggest celebrity train wrecks, but I will not forget what an amazing performer he was in the 80's and before. Kind of a downer on my 38th birthday.