Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, 08/16/10 Green Mountain

Up Gregory Ranger/Down Greenman/Saddle/Amphi

The plan for the day was to take it mellow, just roll with how I felt and not push too hard.  I started off at a very mellow effort, but my time check at the cabin was a surprising 16:02 and I was putting nothing into it.  Then I was 19:32 at the next junction, 24:38 at the flat spot on the ridge, near PR pace I think and I was still going pretty mellow, moderate at most.  I literally had to force myself to back off a bit, as I don't need to be setting a PR so close to my racing highlight of the year.  Made the summit in 37 and change, just as a strong storm was bearing down.  I tagged the top and immidiately started cruising the descent, hoping I could get to the car before the worst of it.  There was some good flashing and banging, but luckily nothing too close.  About half way down, steady rain turned to torrential downpour and I had a blast sloshing in the creek that is usually trail.  Made it down in 21 despite the poor conditions (or because of).

Saturday, 08/14/10 Grays and Torreys

My sister Darcie came to visit for a few days and instead of going to Leadville to cheer on Lance as originally planned (Lance decided not to race), plan B was a 14er or two.  With perfect weather and the company of Nate, Brandon and Sierra, Darcie successfully summitted her first and second 14ers and did an awesome job, having only been in Colorado for a day since travelling here from sea level.  I am so proud of her.
Instead of writing more, I'll just post a few pictures from the day:

Nate, Rock Star, me

Nate (who is not pooping), Rock Star


Sasquatch or Rock Star?


Nate and Darcie

Nate, Sierra, Darcie on Grays

Darcie, me, Nate on Grays

Darcie and I on Torreys

Nate and I at the saddle


Oh, and for Lucho, we saw a Wolf hybrid on Pearl St. the following day.  It seemed more Malamute in the face/eyes/head, but the body was Wolf without a doubt.  Either way, a beautiful animal (very friendly too).