Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, 04/10/11 Green Mountain

I felt a strong urge to get out on the trails today and head up Green Mountain.  I was tentative because of my achilles, but I threw caution to the wind as I needed this mentally more than anything.  I don't think I will know if was a mistake or not until tomorrow, but the discomfort was still there for sure.

I went up the backside and I felt surprisingly good, especially since I have not run at all for nearly 2 months, much less uphill.  The lungs felt great, the legs felt decent, yet I still held back a lot to be on the safe side and not tweak anything. 

Headed back down the front side and I was a wobbly mess with very little confidence, more achilles pain discomfort and my thighs were shot by the time I was done.


38:39 up back
23:59 down front