Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, 01/04/12 Bear/SoBo/Green

12:31 miles/4,446 vert./2:44/150 avg. HR

I had the day off and after letting Allison get out for a lap on Green, I was able to get an afternoon pass. Decided to go for Bear with the extra time, as I was eager to scout the alt. route I noticed a few weeks ago from upper Bear Canyon to the mid point of W. Ridge. It was pretty steep and snowy, completely untracked after the last storm, but I was able to follow the old buried tracks pretty well. The hillside was in your face steep (much to my satisfaction) and the snow was knee deep in spots which made things a little slow. Despite the poor conditions and back sliding, it was only ~10 minutes up to the trail.

Once on Bear, going to SoBo was a given. The snow is in decent condition, at least compared to the bullet proof ice on the front of Green right now, but there were some wind drifted snow sections and some frozen post hole-ish snow. I originally planned to head down Fern, but liked W. Ridge and Bear Canyon so much, I had to head back.

Since I was feeling great and had the time, I tacked on Green as well.

This was a perfect day out and I felt like I had great energy. I did not push very hard, but felt like I was always moving pretty efficiently for the effort I was putting out. It was one of those days where I seriously considered going back for a second lap on Bear at least on the way out, but knew that would not score me any points at home.