Saturday, February 9, 2008

General Thoughts

The last year has been constant ups and downs with my knee injury. For that entire year, I have constantly remained optimistic, thinking that I have to be just about out of the woods. I finally got fed up, as I realized that optimism and reduced training were not enough to cure my patellar tendonitis. In early January I finally broke down and made an appt. with Jeremy Rodgers at Colorado Sports Chiropractic in Louisville, upon the advisement of my friends Steve and Claude who have received successful treatment there.

After 6 visits, I feel that I am on the right track to getting better. I'll admit that I was hoping for an instant cure, but I am realizing that I have to continue to be patient. Specific strengthening exercises, a chopat knee strap, DMSO cream and gait modification seem to be helping, but the results are not as immidiate as I had hoped. My knee is feeling stronger, but I am still occasionally feeling delayed onset pain after hill workouts (that is about all I can bring myself to do).

The fire is burning deep to get out there every day and pound up and down the hills. Not getting out is not due to my laziness at all (as I sometimes fear or accuse myself of), but the conservative attitude I have developed regarding my knee, compounded by the cold weather, short days, new 8-4 work schedule etc... have really cramped my recreation time as of late.

I always debate whether or not I should get out for a hill run, as I fear that even though I might feel great on that day, I might be setting myself back in the long run regarding my overall objectives. I debate whether or not I should be putting in base now, or just holding off until I am 100% sure I am over it and fully ready to achieve my 2008 goals.

For the past year, I have felt as though I have been floundering in no-man's land. I have had flashes of form, dusting old PR's by minutes, at lower heart rates, then completely coming unglued at Pikes Peak, my favorite race and most important objective of the year. Inconsistency has been the theme.

My optimism remains high and enthusiasm for the season is building everyday. Hopefully I can put my doubts to rest this year. As my doctor Jeremy says.... As we get older, we have to really carefully consider what the difference is between an injury, and the body's normal reaction to the intense demands we put upon ourselves.


  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Your knee. My lawn mower foot. A half dozen other guys I know who have hopes and dreams and love to be out there ... but are compromised structurally in some way. Asking the question: should I push on it now? Should I wait? Am I really going to jack myself if I push now or is it worse if I wait?

    I don't the answer for you, in fact I am not sure I know the answer for me. But I ain't getting any younger.

    (and somebody told me this week, relax - it's only February!)

    Live it.

  2. Learning that I am not causing any long term damage, really gave me hope. I can push through some pain if I know I am not compromising my future of climbing peaks, no biggie.