Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sanitas from the West

~5 miles
~1,500 vertical
32 minutes up/56 minutes total.

Started at 4th and Mapleton for a bit of a warmup, cruised along the trail that paralells Sunshine. It was quite snow covered and icey as it is North facing, so it was a bit time consuming. Up Sunshine along the road for a bit, then ascended up the trail. The South facing hillside was completely dry and made for some enjoyable, albeit slow ascending. There were occasional patches of snow along the way to the summit and I arrived there after roughly 32 minutes of taking it pretty easy. I took the descent off the East side very cautious, as it is a complete skating rink and went even easier through the rocky sections. I opened it up a bit more on down the smooth valley trail, as I needed to be home by 6. Felt great.


  1. Wow - that is a good ascent on that route - particularly if Sunshine trail is icy. Did you wear screws?

  2. Thanks George.

    Yep, I had the screw shoes. They were essential on the Sunshine paralell trail and the East side of Sanitas.

    I went at a fairly leisurely pace and the conditions were slow to boot, I think I was over 12 minutes slower than PR on that route, so 32 is pretty pokey.