Wednesday, February 6, 2008


3 miles
11% Gradient
1,742.4 effective vertical feet

While munching on Skittles and Reeses after lunch, George reminded me that it is only 190 (now 189) days till Pikes Peak. I was debating going to Boulder, running the mill at work, or just bagging it all and going home to prepare for Caucussing.

Well, the weather was not particularly warm, and my knee is acting up, so I figured I would be best off to do some uphill on the treadmill and avoid any down.

The first 7 or 8 minutes were sheer torture and my HR was only 148ish. I just wanted to jump off and quit. Not that it was that hard, just boring. I started to get into a groove and bumped up the speed to 6, then 6.5, then gradually up to 7mph at 11%. This was a great workout and I was comfortably turning it over at an 86 cadence at 178bpm. I did this for around 8 minutes, then dropped it down to 6, then bounced all over the place between 6 and 7.

My knee was hurting a bit running on the treadmill the entire time, but did not hurt much afterwards. On the trails, I don't feel it at all while running, but then it hurts afterwards. What's up with that? I think when I am outside, I am more focused on better things and it is more dynamic running on the trails. Boring as it may be, I just need to do this any day that I am not inclined to go to Boulder and get outside.

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  1. The mill is hard. It is tough. It is rough on the brain.

    But it gets easier the more you do it. And, when you get bored, a good way to overcome that is to make the workout hard. It is hard to be bored when your HR is 180.