Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sanitas x 2

5.5 miles/2,315 vertical

Got out with George today and had a great run. Went fairly easy up the S. Ridge, totally conversational pace. Averaged 161 bpm, probably would have been lower if we were not talking so much, but we always have a lot to talk about, especially when we only run together every few weeks or less. We need to run more, so we are not always catching up, then we can hammer each other like normal. It always starts off as "yeah, let's go mellow or moderate" and before long, we are hammering. It is great to have somebody out there in person pushing you and motivating you. Just the kind words of encouragement from somebody of George's caliber gives me added motivation to be my best. Anyways, from the summit, we headed down the East ridge, down the valley a bit and noticed a trail heading West, then South up to a quarry. We followed this until it petered out above the quarry and turned into social/game trails. It was steep going, but I love the steep and feel most at home. Soon we were on the main trail and zipped up to tag the summit a second time.
My achilles was feeling good and I think I am over the knee thing, so I turned it up a bit to test things out and felt really good. We headed back down the ridge to the TH.

Thanks George! Another great run and conversation.

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  1. The pleasure was mine! These are some of my favorite runs ever.

    By the way, I'd not want to get into a contest with you to see who could stick their hand in a fire longer.