Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sanitas x 2

6 miles
2,600 vertical
Lap 1: 18:21 (164bpm)
Lap 2: 19:29 (171bpm)

Allison, Sierra and I got out for an early morning jaunt to Sanitas, opting for warm/sun/dry.
I had hopes of running somewhat fast, since I have taken things pretty casual since Tuesday (hard run at Walker), but after a few steep steps, I could feel that I was not fully recovered.

My next goal was to do each lap under 20 minutes. Lap 1 I did not really put too much into it and was having trouble elevating my HR, made it up in 18:21, went back down in 13. Did a u-turn at the lower bridge and felt the oh so powerful pull of gravity and it felt like I was on Mars (or one of those planets with a stronger gravitational pull), as I was having trouble switching gears.

HR was higher on the second lap, but I knew I was dragging. Oh well, off to Moab with the parents, so I will have some casual days to recover fully. Hope to squeeze in a few runs here and there.


  1. Mars, as I am sure you have now surmised, has lesser gravitational pull. Run with me and I will be glad to provide you with greater gravitational pull.

  2. Thanks for the correction George. If it felt as though I were on Mars, I would be 54.6 lbs which would feel pretty good come race day.

    I actually felt as though I were on Jupiter (342.7 lbs). If only I could get that feeling as good a Pluto (9.7) for race day, or mayber Uranus (128.9);).