2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thursday 4/10/08

Sheer and utter laziness today. The weather was less than inspiring with the fresh snow and cold wind out of the North. I actually felt like running, but I was too lazy to change my clothes and get ready. I was also eager to go home a watch the recent Milan San Remo and Tour of Flanders that a friend of mine taped for me. I was really missing bike racing and had a twinge of wanting to do that again, but then I saw a few crashes, and thought about all the boring office park crits and circuit races.... had a flashback of "only 70 laps to go" and that was that. I really love the simplicity and peacefulness of trail running.

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  1. Okay ... let's do 5 laps on Sanitas ... WITH OUR BIKES.