Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

Friday, May 30, 2008

Green Mountain

5 miles
2,400 vertical
33:50up/56:30 RT

Had an awesome run this morning up Green via Amphitheater/Saddle Rock/Greenman, sticking to the main trail and no shortcutting whatsoever. My goal was to go quick enough to beat my time of 37:56 from yesterday and to maintain quick turnover and avoid any big step ups (just focus on efficiency). I was not at all serious this morning.

As I went along, I noticed that my time checks were not too shabby, but was not paying too close attention. The upcoming trail was passing in review quickly and I knew I was moving really well despite not giving it 100%. About 2/3rds of the way up, I realized that my time was 4-5 minutes faster than the previous day! I could not believe my eyes and started to bump up the pace a bit knowing that I could PR. I THINK my previous best is 35:35 on that route sticking to the trail, but I would have to research that number. Also the trail has changed a bit since, but I don’t think it is a 1:45 difference, maybe 30 seconds max? I think it helped to start at a reasonable pace and maintain/increase as I went, vs. burning myself too soon which I have been guilty of in the past.

(As an aside, I was wearing clunky road shoes, hiking shorts and had not yet sat in the bathroom.)


  1. JV ... keep at it ... balance, hard workouts, easy workouts, good diet, hydration, and some flat work. You are going to rip it this year.


  2. Jeff, I enjoy reading your blog, along with GZ's. You guys train HARD! Jeff, your time up Green today is smokin fast. Do you start the clock at Chataqua? No warm-up? Wow.
    I'm planning a long run in BMP's tomorrow.


  3. Thanks guys.

    Kraig, I parked at the stone bridge at base of Flag, so my warmup was very brief. I am finding as I get older, I do need to warm up a bit more, but for some reason I did OK today without a warmup.

    I started my watch at the Gregory TH and stopped it at the summit post.

    Kraig, are you running Evans? I thought I saw your name when I was scanning for people who can kick my ass. I am running it on Sunday if you are interested in joining.

  4. Kraig - what are you doing in BMP tomorrow and when. Maybe we can hook up.

  5. Jeff-
    Yes, I'm sign up for Evans, but the way you are running, I doubt I can even be close. I haven't broken 40 min on Green in years.
    I'll be at the south mesa trail at 7AM. I plan on Tohee-Shadow-SBP-BearPK-Fern-Mesa-Chat-Greg-Ranger-Green Mtn-Greenbear-BearCanyon-Mesa back to south mesa trailhead. Should be around 4 hrs. Hope to see you, if not, let me know what you guys are doing next week and I'll try to hook up.

  6. Helluva trip you got planned there Kraig ... more like the BBasic! Not in my bag for tomorrow, but hopefully soon.