Friday, June 6, 2008

Bill Loop (S. Boulder and Bear)

~11 miles
~3,800 vertical
2:25 total

Homie invited me to get out for an early morning run with he, Bill and Mark Oveson, meeting at the S. Mesa TH at 5:30am. I was a bit reluctant to get up so early, but this is a great time of year to get up early and I was anxious to hang out with these 3 as they are so much fun to talk to.

We went a real mellow pace up to Shadow, 29 minutes or so, I stopped to take a quick pee and let them get ahead, as I figured I would just run through the canyon to the saddle and time my split. I gave them 2 minutes and caught them in about 3 minutes. I knew after the first few steps that my legs did not have much in them at all. I pushed a bit, but I knew there was no sense in trying too hard if my legs were not fully recovered. Made the saddle in 22:24, turned around and headed back down for about a half mile until I met up with them.

Bill and I got ahead again and waited for them on S. Boulder. Homie showed up first moving pretty quick and told us Mark headed for Bear, so we all boogeyed over and scrambled up the sporty route to the summit. We took it easy heading down and had some fun conversations along the way. Great day out, really fun getting out with this group.

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  1. Sub 23 on a bad day, eh? I have yet to ever break 23. You are getting strong!