Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Flagstaff via the road
5.5 miles
1,200 vertical
21:53 to turn/45 total RT

Woke up this morning and felt great and even said as much to Allison how good my legs felt. As part of my taper, I wanted to run hard, but not as long today. I also wanted more pavement practice and figured just going up Flag to the Amphi turn off would be just right.

I parked at Chautauqua and had a nice warm up through the park. I love running on the narrow trail through the deep green grass this time of year. I was not sure how motivated I felt to really kill it, but seeing several cyclists just starting up the road got my competitive juices flowing.

I hit it hard from the start and felt like I maintained a solid pace the entire way, feeling particularly fluid and rhythmic. This is a rare feeling for me on the road and was actually REALLY enjoying it. I was competing hard with a guy on a bike, but he got a good gap on the flat section, but I started to reel him back as the road kicked up again before the turn. I was trying hard to go under 22 minutes as my best on this split has been 22:??.

Was very satisfied with my time of 21:53 and felt awesome at this point. Everything seemed to be coming together between my physicality and my intentions. I debated keeping the effort to the top of Superflag, but need to force myself to save it for Saturday. Jogged easy up the road toward the Amphitheater, then took the Flagstaff trail down at a very casual rate.
It was a wild flower bonanza on the way down, the birds were chirping and the whole forest was teeming with life. Nothing better than a June morning!

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