Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Green via Superflag

2,700 vertical
9.5 miles
43:50ish up Superflag/59:48 to summit of Green

Got out with Kraig today for an easy run up Superflag and Green. It was great to finally get out for a run with him as I have met him briefly several times in the past and he seemed like a pretty easy going guy. I have known of Kraig for quite a while, hearing numerous stories of his speed and fitness from his brother in law Bill, and more than once I have aimed for one of his FKTs listed on Bill’s site and fallen short. I have also gotten accustomed to watching helplessly as he blows past me on Pikes above Barr Camp, as he just grinds out a fast speed longer than most can maintain.

We went a pretty casual/conversational pace up the road and topped out at 43:50ish. I am feeling more and more accustomed to the pavement each time I run on it and am actually…. (GASP!!) somewhat enjoying it. We then headed over to the summit of Green at a moderate clip, then bumped into Allison and Sierra on our way down. Great morning out.


  1. This conversational pace is about what I ran up it last week in and I was not talking to anyone.

  2. Great to run with you today JV.
    My FKT days are a thing of the past, but it's still fun to get out on the trails.
    GZ, I agree, I was VERY uncomfortable on the climb and struggling to stay with JV. He was polite and kept slowing down for me.

  3. Coming from runners of your caliber, you're gonna give me a big head.... ;).

    I'm hoping to go again tomorrow a bit faster if either of you would like to join.