Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moving lots of boxes

~3 miles
~700 vertical feet

Just a guestimate on the stats, but I spun many laps up and down the stairs today. I regretfully passed up an offer from Homie to go to the mountains, but the impending move on the 30th is weighing heavily on me. Got quite a bit done around the house, packed and carried many boxes, feeling like I am starting to get a handle on it. Sierra reminded me all day that we should be out trouncing around on snowy peaks, I felt so bad not being able to get her out, it has been a full week and will probably be another two weeks until we get out again. At 2:30 I got caught up on a few mountain trip reports and almost sped out the door for a late afternoon trip up Grays and Torreys, but was ultimately glad I did not.

As a side note, I don't feel tired or sore today whatsoever from the race yesterday. Last year I felt it a bit (although I climbed a few 14ers the next day....). I may take a few days off or easy before I start training again, mainly I need a bit of a mental break.

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