Sunday, July 13, 2008

321s on Pikes

321s on Pikes
12 miles
4,300 vertical

Had a really fun time on my maiden 321 voyage. I almost blew it off because I had a really lousy night of sleep. I went to bed at a decent hour, but it was probably 11:30 by the time I drifted off and I woke up often throughout the night. I was wide awake at 4am and should have just got up, but laid in bed until 4:59am. Was a little slow to get out the door and hit the road at 5:27. Made it to the gate at 7:15, paid my dues (remembered the $2 off coupon) and made good time to the summit. After fiddling around and getting ready, I finally got on the trail at 8:15.

It was interesting to run down the Barr Trail, as I have only run up it in the past. The day was beautifully sunny and the temperature was perfect and there was not a breeze. I took it pretty easy on the way down, making small talk with other runners heading down for the same workout, just taking in the scenery and enjoying the great morning.

My times for the first 3 down miles were 10:52, 7:44 and 9:56. At the A-Frame I tied my windbreaker around my waist, took a quick pee and got down to business. Feeling quite fresh, I started off pretty quick, but was quickly reminded that I was over 12k and I adjusted my pace accordingly. I wanted to just bury myself, but I knew I had to save a little for my 2 and 1, so I went a hard, but sustainable pace. First mile was 15:15, second mile was 13:15, then the third mile was 16:03 for a total of 44:33. I felt great and ran everything save for a very few steps on the 16 golden stairs. If this were all I were doing, I could have put a good bit more into the first 2 miles, but not sure how that would have set me up for the last mile, so it was probably a smart plan.

I went to the car to suck down some gel/drinks and add some more sunscreen, which seemed to take a bit longer than I had hoped. I don’t think it was a good thing to dilly dally, I should have had a quicker turnaround as I think that little break did me no favors.

I went even more cautious down 2, as my legs were feeling the effort and I had no reason to go too fast. 11:42 and 9:18 for the two down. Did a U and headed back up and I was in immediate distress, this was really hurting. My 2 up was just and exercise of survival and any confidence I had from the first 3 was quickly dashed and the effort seemed exaggerated. 14 flat for the first mile, then 18:09 for the final mile. Ouch. At this point I kicked around the idea of bagging it, but a quick drink and swig of gel made me feel a little better and I figured even if I had to walk it, I was going to get it done.

Down to the 1 to go sign in a pokey 12, then turned and just hit it hard to get it over with. “Hey, I actually feel better!” I was able to run most of it, and walked about half of the 16 stairs, but was feeling way better than my last trip through this stretch. Finished in 17:42 to the heckling of Claude who had just finished his trip from Elk Park. I gave him a ride back to his car and headed home.

I felt good today, but not great, I was expecting more out of my 2, but oh well, it was an awesome day on the mountain and this was an extremely beneficial workout which I look forward to doing again.


Down 3: 10:52/07:44/09:56 = 28:30
Up 3: 15:15/13:15/16:03 = 44:33

Down 2: 11:42/09:18 = 21:00
Up 2: 14:00/18:09 = 32:09

Down 1: 12:00
Up 1: 17:42

Total: 155:54

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  1. JV - solid workout. We'll get down there again!