Thursday, July 31, 2008

S. Boulder Peak

8 miles
3,000 vertical

Got out for a great run up S. Boulder Peak for something a little different. Went warm-up pace to the signed jct. just beyond the creek at the base of Shadow. Got there in a leisurely 21:15 and then upped the pace through the canyon. I was feeling good on the warm-up, but that was no surprise, since it was just a warm-up afterall. As I increased my effort, I knew my legs were not fully recovered and never fully ramped it up. I went hardish for 3 or 4 minutes and knew that pushing would set me back more than help at this point, so I just resigned myself to fast walking and jogged the easier sections. Once things leveled a bit before the switchbacks prior to the saddle, I started feeling fairly good and upped the pace again. Made the saddle in 43:22, then the summit in 49:03. Did a quick turn and got back to the saddle in 3:40, then another 13:50 to the junction and 14:28 back to the TH for a total of 31:58 descent and 1:21:01 RT. I felt like I got a quality workout even though I did not push too hard. My feet felt quick and accurate on the descent and I never felt like I was pushing at all, just rolling with it really.

1 comment:

  1. Nice descending. You should do the marathon next year.
    I hiked up Arapaho Pass this morning, it was gorgeous. I have never been up there, but plan to go again this year.