Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, 07/16/08 Track

4.25 miles
~0 vertical

Had a nice 7 mile/23 minute warmup..... on the bike that is on my way to Fairview. Did a warm up lap, then hit it hard right off the bat. Had a bit of beginners luck and ran a 74 400 which kind of went to my head as it did not seem very hard. With a casual lap in between each, I did:

800 @ 2:41
1 mile @ 5:44 (hard but not feeling like giving it my all)
400 @ 83 (felt like crap and was ready to call it a day)
1 mile @ 6:14 (wanted to see how long it would take to run a flat mile just going a very sustainable pace, comfortable breathing, could do this indefinitely).

Biked to work, then home after work for a total of 19 bike miles.

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