Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, 9/22/08 S. Boulder Peak

8 miles
3,000 vertical
47:58up/1:24 RT

Intended to go fast today, but was unsure about where I was at. I faked it for a bit and got to the first few time checks at or slightly ahead of PR pace, my time was 18:30 at mouth of Shadow, but I knew deep down I would pay for it soon and was on borrowed time. Sure enough as it got steep, I started to hurt bad and knew I was off pace. I kept at it though, despite knowing that I was falling off pace with every step.

Got to the saddle in 41:45 with a slow split through the canyon of 23:15. Ouch. Dug deep for the remainder of the distance to the summit and got there in 47:58. I knew it was not my day even before I left the house and it was getting pretty hot even at my 9:40am start. Excuses, excuses. Took it pretty easy on the down, just jogging it out. Fall began at 9:44am today, so this was my last run of the summer/first run of the Fall season. I felt pretty crappy and I think I need to take things easy for a bit, as today may have been a sign that I have already passed my peak for the season and need to tone it back a bit. I might get in some longer runs and keep the intensity down relatively, in hopes of putting in a good run at the Grand Canyon in November.

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