Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, 10/28/08 Green Mountain

6 miles
2,500 vert.

Started at Chautauqua, went up the 1st Flatiron access trail to the shortcut. Was feeling great today and just cruising really. Noticed that with very little effort, my time checks were just barely off PR. I just kept a moderately brisk pace, not digging whatsoever, listening to Competitors podcasts in my own little world. Bumped up the pace for the final 6 minutes or so really going balls out for the last 90 seconds trying to sneak in under 37, but missed it by a bit, arriving at the summit in 37:04 which was surprisingly 18 seconds shy of PR on this route. I went cautious on the down as I was wearing road shoes and the steep sections of off trail running were slick with pine needles. Opened it up a bit on the lower sections, hoping to sneak in under an hour for the RT, but I lost too much time pussyfooting in the pine needles.

37:04 up
23:42 dwon
60:46 RT

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