Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, 10/14/08 Shanahan Loop/Slab Recon

7 miles
2,100 vertical

Got out for 2 consecutive runs today (1 run with a 10 minute break?). Started from Shanahan at 4:30ish for Bear. Part way up, I changed my mind and decided to meet Dave, Stefan and Charlie for a run up to the Slab to recon for tomorrow's scramble. I ran something like 3 miles, mostly on trail with some off trail exploring. Met them a bit before 5 and we went easy up to the slab. They engaged the rock, while I went the more cautious and circuitous route to meet them at the short downclimb. The route through the woods was wet with patchy snow and extremely slippery. We all took it easy coming down, it was cloudy, damp and a bit chilly. Hopefully things warm up a bit and dry out for tomorrow.

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