Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, 11/29/08 Bear Peak/S. Boulder Peak

7 miles
3,500 vertical

To spice things up today, we (Allison, Sierra and I) decided to go up Bear from Cragmoor. At the last minute, I decided that I had to run and was actually excited by the freshly fallen snow. The trail was mostly dry to the Slab and I made good time, very close to PR and was feeling great. As I went higher though, the snow deepened somewhat, but was not too slick and the footprints from people ahead helped a bit. I got to the saddle in good time and kept up a reasonably hard tempo effort up over Bear and then went cautiously quick over to S. Boulder hoping to get there and back to Bear by the time Allison and Sierra got there. The fresh snow on the boulders made things slick and a bit slower than normal, as I was breaking trail the whole way out to SBP. I made it back to Bear soon after Allison arrived (she went up in just under an hour) and we all walked down together. Great day out!


Mesa Trail: 10:09
Slab: 14:30ish
Nebel Saddle: 27
Bear Summit: 41:52
Bear/SBP Saddle: 46:30
SBP: 52:52
Bear the second time: 1:04
Finish: ~2 hours

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