Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, 11/13/08 Flagstaff and Green

8 miles
2,800 vertical

Got out with George this morning for a trip over Flag and over to Green. Was warm, but was super windy in spots. After freezing my tail off yesterday, I took no chances and over dressed. I was hot as all get out going over Flag, then felt like I was dressed just right on the upper parts of Green. George was really putting it to me today on the ups. He was trying to chat up a storm, but I could only mutter a one word answer here and there and was barely able to keep up. We did the loop in 1:28 which was not too shabby, no wonder I was sucking wind and having trouble sticking to a walk ;).

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  1. I was hardly putting it to you. And I am hit number 11.