Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, 12/12/08 Sanitas X 3

9 miles
3,900 vertical

Hiked/ran the first lap with Allison and Sierra, 26 up/20 down as we met a friend who we walked with. I did the final 2 laps on my own, listening to great archives of the Competitors on my Mp3 player, very good stuff for multiple laps on Sanitas. Conditions were mostly dry and it was sunny and reasonable. I really wanted to do another lap or two, but had to get home.

Lap 1:
26 up
20 down

Lap 2:
19 up
14 down

Lap 3:
22 up
14 down


  1. Are these times on the north side or the south side or both? Where do you start from? Wanting to benchmark!

  2. Brandon, all 3 trips today were on the South Ridge route, starting at the lowest bridge near the shelter/old parking lot and finishing at the pole on the summit.