Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, 12/19/08 4 laps on Sanitas

10 miles
4,200 vertical

Twas a warm and sunny Friday, trail conditions were slushy in spots, dry in others, yet ice and snow packed also, a bit of everything. Made a new pair of screw shoes this morning with only 11 strategically placed studs per shoe to keep me on track, yet not be scraping on the rock as much as with my usual screw shoes that have 23+ screws per shoe. Went super easy, 23:05 up the first ascent, down the East side to the sign, but did not bother following the canyon down to Hawthorne as it is very mucked up now, the type of mud that piles up inches thick on the bottom of your shoes. I backtracked to the car, had a snack and drink, then did it all over again, 22:06 up, then 1:05 for the RT (4 minutes faster than the pokey first lap).

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