Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Wrap-Up

Although in my mind, it seems like I have not done too much this past month, my stats indicate otherwise. Most of the month was spent either dealing with or getting over a minor ITB injury that I am confident that I have now put behind me. Many of my outings this month have been fairly casual (with the exception of pushing myself on 2 or 3 occasions) just trying to take it easy on the ITB and not have it flare up again, or worsen. It is good to get this out of the way now and be prudent as to not risk all the fun times ahead.

March Stats:

Miles: 159.5
Vert: 51,900 ft.
Days: 26
14ers: 2 (Pikes and Longs)
Peaks total: 19
Green: 4
Sanitas: 4
Bear: 6
S. Boulder: 3
Plus.... 5 slot canyons, 4 bike rides, 2 desert runs

YTD Stats:

Miles: 453.5
Vert: 146,260
Days: 70
14ers: 11
13ers: 1
12ers: 1
Green: 12
Sanitas: 10
Bear: 16
S. Boulder: 9
Total Peaks: 67

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