Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, 4/08/09 Walker from Eldo

I met Tim today in Eldo where the road turns to dirt and we headed into the canyon via the backyard shortcut up to the Fowler Trail, then up the road to the Eldorado Trail. Tim and I took it easy to the Eldo trail, chatting it up, then Tim bumped up the intensity a notch. He kept offering to let me pass, but he was keeping a great pace and since my goal was to go for time instead of intensity, I declined. Tim wanted to keep it short, so once we hit 38 minutes, he turned around and I continued on. I made good time down to the Walker loop and decided to go clockwise, as I figured it would be safer to climb the icy/snowy hikabike section. It was a bit snowy, but nothing too bad. After that, is was mostly dry up to the parking lot on the opposite end. From the lot, it was mostly snowy down to the river, making footing a bit iffy and I went conservative as to not fall or twist anything. It was dry from the river crossing to the main lot, then continued dry for another mile or so until the long switchback descent that is North facing. This section was really slow, as it was very slippery and off camber. Once on the dirt road, it was mainly mud, the heavy mud that piles up on your shoes, so I worked hard to avoid that the best I could. The ascent back up the Eldo trail through the snow was slow and my legs were tired and sore, mainly from pushing in the slush yesterday, so I just powerhiked mainly and jogged when I could. Once I topped out, I made quick work of the rollers and descent back to the car.

Not sure what my splits were, but my time for the Walker loop was an abyssmal 1:19 because of the snow and I was not really pushing at all, just bumping along really. Total car to car 3:01.


  1. What an awesome day out. I wish I would've continued on with you because after I turned around I was soaking in the sun and views, stripped off my shirt and zipped past a bunch of hikers and a dude dragging his mtn bike up the trail (I told a ranger about it only because I knew mtb's arn't allowed on that trail and they tear the hell out of the trail. He raised and eyebrow and said "really" in a sarcastic tone, like reeeely). Maybe we can hit it again this Sunday.
    Good run for you!

  2. Did not realize mountain bikes were not allowed, but I guess that makes sense as I have never seen a bike on that trail, never gave it much thought. For a while, I think they (not sure who they are) were talking about making a connector trail from Eldo to Walker, which would be so sweet.

    It was an awesome day. On the far side of the loop, there were great views of the Indian Peaks, it was warm (almost hot at times) and very calm. I considered tacking on more and even considered another lap, but would have run out of water, plus my legs were tired.

    Crappy weather tomorrow, so I will probably take a day off, or just take the dog for a long walk, or short jog from home.

  3. That reminds me of my favorite -- "you can't do that on the trail" story.

    We were on top of Longs Peak and his dude pulls out his driver and starts hitting balls off the summit. Hilarious until we realized he was probably going to kill someone. When we got back to the ranger station. We told them. They had already heard but were not excited about the trek to the summit to bust the guy.

  4. Nice to hear that you guys are healthy and out there busting it up!
    Re: golf balls off summits and mt bikes, I have a confession. About 15 years ago my pal Keith Gray, a college friend who was a fire lookout in Gallup, NM, and I drove up to the GC South Rim, tee'ed up and whacked a few into the big ditch. I feel bad about it now, but back then it was way more fun than running to the other side!
    Keith didn't feel bad though when he jumped over the South rim fence and stole the coins from the wishing well rock near one of the major tourist lookouts. (Aside: Read "Death in the Grand Canyon", an excellent book.)