Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, Biked 50

Woke up with a whole bunch of ideas, Kelso Mountain, Grays/Torreys, Pikes, Green/Bear/SoBo etc..... I waffled big time, so much so that I started to get ready to head to Bakerville, but then bailed halfway through packing (still mostly packed from yesterday). It is kind of an awkward time in the mountains right now. I am itching to go rip up the high peaks, but there is still too much snow for really running and some winter gear is still necessary, or you just deal with postholing. I truly just did not feel like getting in the car, so I decided to go for a road ride.

Headed from the house to Baseline, West to 75th, N. to Jay, Jay to 36, 36 to Lee Hill, over Old Stage to Left Hand, then up to Jamestown. I started off full of piss and vinegar, riding anywhere between 28 and 32mph for the first 8+ miles. My speed fell off a bit over Old Stage and up to Jamestown of course and I arrived there after 1:16, but I was feeling pretty good considering my riding has been minimal and sporadic at best.

Headed back down to Lefthand, went over the backside of Lee Hill, screamed down the other side at 50mph or so, Broadway S., West to 9th and 9th South to the Creek Path, where I followed that East and eventually made my way home. 50 miles in 2:30.

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