Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, 6/2/09 Green Mountain

When I walked out of work, it was cold, but at least the rain had let up. A glance toward Boulder had me second guessing my decision to go run, but since I took Friday off for a variety of reasons, hiked easy Saturday, biked Sunday and took Monday off because of a dentist appt., I figured I should probably get in a few miles. Started from Eben G. Fine park, headed up Flagstaff just as it was starting to rain again. The fog eventually got so thick in spots, visibility was only 50-100 feet and if I was not so familiar with every rock and nuance of the trail, I would have been disoriented. As I climbed up Flag and toward Green, the temp dropped significantly. It is June after all, how cold can it get? I was really wishing I had pants, gloves and something warmer up top, maybe even a hat?
I topped out in a very leisurely 57 minutes, took a minute pee break and started down. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and Go-Lite wind shirt and was soaked to the bone from the rain, wet branches and bushes leaning into the trail. Things were tolerable on the ascent, but now I was really cold and starting to bonk on the way down. I was tempted to hitch a ride from a van down Flag, but then instead decided to race the van for a few switchbacks and that warmed me up nicely. The trail back down to Eben G was a mess, I accumulated several extra pounds of mud on each shoe. Today was a good character builder. When I got home, I noticed on the thermometer that the temp was 47. It had to have been a good 5-10 colder high on Green, perhaps snowing not much higher? 1:37 total.

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  1. Lucho said it was snowing at his place yesterday. Nice run. Missed you this AM.