Lake Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, 6/30/09 Bear Peak

After having Jeremy Rodgers take a look at my foot and getting the good news that A). my injury is minor B). I can still train C). he can heal me in a short time, I decided to get out for a run. Though it was scorching hot, I was buoyed by the good news and decided to take a trip up Bear Peak.

Mainly because of the music I was listening on my MP3 player, I went on the high side of moderate/easy side of hard, but I was not feeling up to running really hard, as the foot is still sensitive (despite the tape job and sturdy shoes I was wearing) and I am a bit off kilter from taking nearly 2 weeks mostly off of running. Not to mention it was certainly the hottest day of the year so far (at least it seemed like it).

Got to the summit post just as my watch turned 43. Scampered up to the true summit, then took the descent somewhat easy, favoring my foot a bit and trying not to make it any worse. Going easy seemed to help, as I was no worse off afterwards. 1:10:09 for the RT.


  1. So what was the injury diagnosis?

  2. Thanks for asking Justin. It is a form of tendonitis caused by too flexible of a shoe (a test pair I used back in May). Symptoms/treatment are very similar to those of Sesamoiditis.

    Currently my foot/ankle is taped nicely, I wear a boot at night, am icing and go back for a Jeremy visit tomorrow where I believe he is going to prescribe a stretching/exercise regimen to help it as well. I also have some very thin and light carbon fiber plates on order to put in my shoes to help with the issue and prevent future problems. He uses them himself and swears by them.

    I HIGHLY recommend (to anybody) going to see Jeremy for any running/sports related issues. He really knows his schit, I can't say enough good things about him and his practice as a whole.