Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, 9/18/09 N. Twin Cone Peak (12,323), Mount Blaine (12,303)

N. Twin Cone Peak (12,323), Mount Blaine (12,303)
~11 miles
~2,800 vertical
4.5 hours
Jeff, Allison and Sierra Valliere

On our way home from a few days in Fairplay, we decided to stop on Kenosha Pass for a short walk to enjoy the fall colors. We started walking at a fast pace along the road toward N. Twin Cone Peak at 10:30am with no real plan, aside from taking some pictures and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Before we knew it, we were well on our way to the summit of N. Twin Cone Peak. We had climbed it before in December, so it was nice to climb it again under more pleasant conditions. I had hoped to take a long leisurely break in the nice warm sun to soak up the views that we sacrificed on our previous trip, but as soon as I took a picture or 3, Allison pointed toward Mount Blaine and suggested we head over.

From N. Twin Cone, Blaine looks very close, 10-15 minutes maybe? We reached the saddle quickly on the dirt road, but the trip to the summit of Blaine from there was a little slower than expected as it is all uneven grassy mounds, rocks and willows. Normally it would be no problem, but since I am still favoring my healing foot, I was being slow and cautious as to not tweak it on the unstable footing.

Eventually we made the summit and were surprised by the jumble of huge boulders which made for an easy, but very fun rock hop. The weather and views were great and I was pleased to get an unexpected new LCW peak.


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