Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, 10/16/09 Sanitas

Allison, Sierra and I got out for a trip up Sanitas in between running errands. I felt surprisingly recovered, but to keep going in that direction, I hiking with the girls the whole way, until the last stretch where I looked at my watch and it read 27:14, so I kicked it into gear and tagged the pole 2 seconds faster than my trip yesterday in 27:49, though it seemed far more easy today. My 27:51 yesterday seemed much harder than my 16:23 last year, go figure.

We went down the East ridge and then took the Dakota Ridge trail instead of the valley. About halfway down Allison pointed out Tony running a fair distance below us. I figured he might be switchbacking up, but he was actually on his way down. I paused for a while, but Allison gave me the go ahead to chase, so I ran hard for a bit to catch him. We chatted for a short bit, I guess he had just run what I ran yesterday, although I am sure quite a bit faster (his split on Sanitas was 20 minutes).

Very nice day out, picture perfect.

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